Family Reunion T-Shirts Made Easy With Online Ordering

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Family Reunion T-Shirt
Family Reunion T-Shirt

Family Reunions Are Perfect for Group Orders

We print a lot of family reunion t-shirts. For our customers, it can be a lot of work because they have to tabulate all the sizes for their family members. That's a lot of work for a large family and can be prone to mistakes. Wouldn't it be easier if all your family members ordered their own shirts? Think about it; they enter the sizes they want, then pay for their order. Done. 

About Group Orders

Just like setting up a fundraiser at our site FundraiserTee, you can create a group t-shirt order form. Pick a shirt, upload or create a design, set a price and launch. You get a unique sales page that you send to your family members by Facebook and email. You set a time frame to order and when the ordering is complete, we print the shirts and send them out. You decide if they should be mailed individually to family members or shipped in bulk to one location free of charge.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, have FundraiserTee do it for you.

No Upfront Costs

Not only does an online group order form make it easier on you the organizer, but you don't have to collect money either. In fact, you pay nothing to get the order started. Your family members pay for their own shirts when they order online.

Learn more about Group T-Shirt Orders

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