Your T-Shirt Campaign Didn't Sell - We ship All Orders Anyway!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Listen, the truth is not every t-shirt campaign is going to sell well. Whether it's bad timing, a bad design, an over saturated market or a multitude of other variables, some just don't sell as well as hoped.

The Good News

Having no risk to start a t-shirt campaign is great because you never actually pay for product - your customers do and we pay you the profits. So if nothing or very little sells, there's no skin off your back.

So What's the Problem?

Stop for a minute and think about what happens if you only sell 12 or 6 or even just one t-shirt. Normally, this means that no shirts will ship whatsoever because the quantity is too small to produce. In such case, the t-shirt company would simply credit the few orders received, notify the campaign organizer and cancel the campaign. We used to do that as well.

However,  we thought it would be much nicer if the customer did receive their order regardless of how well the campaign did. Wouldn't it be a bummer to order a t-shirt design you are very passionate about only to learn 2-3 weeks later that your order was cancelled? Who cares that your credit card was refunded. You really wanted that  shirt. What a let down.

Furthermore,  how does canceling orders reflect on the marketer or fundraiser? If you are marketing to some niche markets, you don't want to penalize the few who did order. If you are doing a t-shirt fundraiser,  but not many order, wouldn't you prefer that  those few that did support your cause,  got their shirt?

We here at FundraiserTee made this dilemma a non-issue. Simply put, we ship every order, period. Yep, we'll ship even if only one shirt was ordered during your campaign. 
We decided this must be done, even if we lose money on such orders. We don't want to  discourage the customer by possibly cancelling their order. No, no, no, we want to do all we can to encourage them to order. We think this policy reflects well on You, the seller, and FundraiserTee.

So what do you think? Is our new policy to ship all campaign orders, regardless of how few a smart idea? Does this make you happy as a campaign organizer or marketer? Please comment below.

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