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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Every Business Owner Loves Free Promotion

Promote your business with this simple t-shirt campaign. You offer a low price exclusive t-shirt to your customers and reward them a discount for wearing it. You never have to buy inventory - your customers buy in and we fill the orders.

Here's how it works.

  1. You create a T-Shirt Campaign with your branded design. (suggested to make it unique and exclusive)
  2. You set the price as low as you can (this will depend upon the design)
  3. You launch your campaign and promote it to your customers through email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  4. You offer a discount for your product or service when your customers wear your shirt at your location.
  5. Best Part: you don't pay for the shirts - your customers do and they are rewarded for showing up at your place of business.

How A T-Shirt Campaign Works

Easily create a t-shirt campaign with FundraiserTee. You pick a shirt, upload a design, set a goal, set a price, describe the program and launch. You will instantly have a unique web page displaying your design and program. Then you direct your followers to the site where they purchase the shirt. We fulfill all the orders - you don't manage anything. When the campaign is over (you can set to last 7-21 days), we produce and ship the orders, regardless of whether you reached your goal.

As suggested for promoting your business, set the price low. However, depending upon your business, you may want to set the price higher. Either way, in most cases, assuming you sold a reasonable amount of shirts, we will be sending you a check for the profits made.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, have FundraiserTee do it for you - call us or email us.

Learn more about how it works.

A Live T-Shirt Promotion Campaign Example

In this example, Frijole Loco is using a t-shirt campaign to drive business into their restaurant with a t-shirt club. The customer will receive a deal every time they wear the t-shirt to the restaurant. Click on image below to see the campaign.

Frijole Loco T-Shirt Club Example Campaign
Frijole Loco T-Shirt Club Example Campaign

The T-Shirt Just Keeps Giving

So there you have it - a killer way to drive customers to your place of business without risking a bunch of money. Not only are you promoting repeat business, but your customers are advertising for you over and over again by wearing your branded t-shirts.

This is just one idea for using a t-shirt campaign to promote your business. What ideas do you have? Share it with us!

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