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General Questions

What does FundraiserTee do?

What is a campaign?

Who can start a campaign?

How much does it cost to start a campaign?

How does FundraiserTee work?

Can I use FundraiserTee for group orders?

Does FundraiserTee ship internationally?

What shirt styles do you offer?

Organizers & Sellers

How much money can I raise?

Is FundraiserTee competitive?

How are my profits calculated?

How are my profits paid?

Are my profits taxable?

How do I check the progress of my campaign?

Can I edit my campaign after it launches?

How will my orders ship?

What is the minimum number of shirts I can sell?

What happens if I do not reach my goal?

What artwork file types can I upload?

Can I create my t-shirt design on FundraiserTee?

Are there any design restrictions?


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Can I start a campaign?