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Your Group T-Shirt Order Solution

Your group members order and pay online. FundraiserTee prints & ships bulk for Free.

We know how difficult group t-shirt orders can be. You have to create an order form, collect sizes and payment, then manage the order with a screen-printer. We have been processing group orders this way since 1987. It's not easy.

Thankfully, FundraiserTee now has a better way to do it. All you have to do is create a campaign. Instead of traditional order forms, you group members will order their t-shirt, hoodie or other apparel item directly from your auto-generated web page. It's easy & more accurate. Group members pick their own sizes, then pay for it. We do the rest.

Creating a Group Apparel Order is Easy!

Create a Group Campaign

Set the goal to how many people are in your group. Orders will be produced as long as the minimum of 12 is met. Set the price to cost, unless you desire to raise a few dollars. If orders exceed your goals, your cost may decrease, in which case, we will refund the difference. You can use these proceeds as you wish, like a group pizza party.

Invite Your Group to Order

Once your campaign is launched, you will have your own web page to collect orders. Your web page also includes a countdown until ordering closes. All you do is invite your members to order using links from your web page including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.

We Fill Your Orders

When the ordering is complete, we print all the orders in bulk and ship them to a single location for Free.

Everybody's Happy!

All the orders are paid, your group members ordered the correct sizes and colors, your printed apparel is delivered free. You have your sanity and life is good.

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